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Friends of the Coronado Public Library Scholarships for Class of 2024 Seniors
Applications Are Now Close

The Friends of the Coronado Public Library are sponsoring four Scholarships for graduating seniors in the class of 2024. The deadline for each was April 8, 2024. 

The Wilf & Ruth Seaman Scholarship ($1,500)

In Honor of Wilf Seaman, the former principal of Coronado High School, and Ruth Seaman, a dedicated kindergarten teacher and library volunteer.


Wilf Seaman served as the principal of Coronado High School from the 1950s to the 1960s. Additionally, he held the positions of founder and Past President of the Friends of the Coronado Public Library, establishing himself as a cherished volunteer over numerous years. Ruth Seaman contributed as a kindergarten teacher within the Coronado School district, managed a preschool, and dedicated many years as a volunteer for the Friends of the Coronado Public Library.

The Susan Stark Scholarship ($1,500)

In commemoration of Susan Stark, a passionate reader, world traveler, and volunteer at the Second Hand Prose bookstore.


Susan Stark dedicated her time as a volunteer at the Second Hand Prose bookstore, operated by the Friends of the Coronado Public Library, from 2008 until her passing in September 2015. A graduate of Coronado High School, Susan was deeply committed to her family, possessed a passion for reading, and indulged in exploring various parts of the world.

The Jim and Bette Sherman Fine Arts Scholarship (Two scholarships, $1,500 each)

recognizes Bette and Jim Sherman, residents who support art education for children in Coronado.


Bette and Jim Sherman, esteemed residents of Coronado, have made a lasting impact on the community. Bette, a dedicated artist, has extended her passion for art to local children by generously sponsoring art lessons at the Library through the Second Saturday Art Classes program.


Under this initiative, one scholarship will be granted to a Coronado School of the Arts (CoSA) student demonstrating a fervor for fine arts, while another will be awarded to a Coronado High School student enrolled in the standard curriculum and showcasing a keen interest in fine arts. 


It is essential to note that, for these scholarships, "fine arts" pertains to visually aesthetic creations, excluding film and digital media.

2024 recipients of the scholarship will be revealed during the Friends of the Coronado Public Library board meeting on June 10, 2024.

For inquiries, contact


Congratulations to the
2023 High School Scholarship Recipients!

Left to right:  Bette Sherman; Marianne Dick (Wilf & Ruth Seaman
Scholarship); Natalia Avanni, Camelia Pzadok, and Stella Perez (Jim & Bette
Sherman COSA & Fine Arts Scholarships); Lillian Adams (Susan Stark
scholarship); and, Becky Seaman Geiss.   All scholarship awardees are
Coronado High School graduating seniors.   

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