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Congratulations to the
023 High School Scholarship Recipients!


Left to right:  Bette Sherman; Marianne Dick (Wilf & Ruth Seaman
Scholarship); Natalia Avanni, Camelia Pzadok, and Stella Perez (Jim & Bette
Sherman COSA & Fine Arts Scholarships); Lillian Adams (Susan Stark
scholarship); and, Becky Seaman Geiss.   All scholarship awardees are
Coronado High School graduating seniors. 


Annual Membership Meeting

Many thanks to those who attend our FOL Annual Membership Meeting On Friday, April 14, 2023.  We had a wonderful program with the Friends of the Coronado Public Library recognizing six students from Silver Strand Elementary School as winners in a contest that celebrated reading. The students presented their book projects at the meeting. Pictured left to right are Elise Peterson, 2nd grade, Yuhan Zheng, 4th grade, Alexandria Robledo, 4th grade, Andrew Kennedy, 4th grade, Theodore Lopez, 2nd grade, and Jarek Young, 2nd grade.


2023 Membership Meeting

It truly takes a village. The Friends of the Coronado Public Library held its 51st Annual Book Fair last Saturday.  It was a huge success, only because of the hundreds of people who helped bring this popular community event to life.  


There are those readers who donate their gently used books to FOL, year after year after year and there are those FOL volunteers who sort, price and store the donations year after year after year.  As the event approached, the City of Coronado Police Department secured parking for the event, City Public Works ensured trash and recycling cans were provided and the City Recreation Department delivered much needed tables.  


On the day of the event, dozens and dozens of volunteers came out to be of help. BSA Troop 806 and its sister Troop 1806, sailors from the USS Lincoln, students from the Coronado High School National Honor Society, the dedicated Library staff and a force of committed Coronado residents spent a tiring, but rewarding, day volunteering their time for the benefit of our Library.  A shout out goes also to Starbucks, High Tide and Donut Beach Coronado for providing much needed sustenance to the volunteers throughout the day.

Old friends came and new friends were made.  And best of all, every penny of the money earned will go to support the many and varied programs presented to our community by our wonderful Library.  


Thanks and kudos to all,

Carl Luna, President. Friends of the Coronado Library


2023 Book Fair

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